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The most sensual massage you have ever experienced

Do you often feel tired and exhausted? Do you need to feel the gentle touch of a beautiful woman on your skin? Then all you need is a sensual massage.

At PleasureBunnies we can offer you the most sensual massages you have ever experienced. Our professional masseuses are experienced in this field and more than eager to please you from the top to the bottom.

Let us completely relax you with a powerful mix of both tantric and sensual massage techniques.

The sensual massage is the most effective way to build intimacy. Also, the sense of touch is relevant for sexuality. Being a healthy procedure, as well as sexy, the sensual massages have lots of physical effects which become part of this intense experience. Therefore, this type of massage boosts blood flow all across your body, reducing levels of cortisol, of the stress hormone and increasing oxytocin (a hormone involved with feeling of affection and bonding).


What are the main benefits of the sensual massage?

  • All your muscles and soft tissues are going to relax
  • Your body’s blood circulation will considerably increase
  • You will benefit of a better sleep.
  • You won’t feel tired again
  • The stress levels in your body will be reduced
  • You will benefit of a spice up sexual life
  • You will never ejaculate premature again
  • You will achieve a toned body shape
  • You will enjoy a great companionship

Erotic & Tantric massages

Do you want to discover your inner’s strength? Well, then the tantric massage is exactly what you need to benefit of. When you choose professional massage services, then you can be sure that the therapist in cause will apply correctly the tantric techniques. This way, you can become multiorgasmic, without losing your energy through ejaculation.

Choose this type of massage combined with erotic techniques in order to recover the potential to live intense and passionately.


We can offer 4 important types of massages:

  • 4 hands sensual massage (Two Masseuses)
  • Tantric massage for men, woman, and also for couples
  • Body to Body massage for both men and woman
  • Prostate massage
  • Nuru Massage


How can you get a sensual massage?

If you intend to experience this unique journey with one of our Pleasure Bunnies, then contact us immediately. You should choose first the therapist who will make sure you completely relax, by accessing the Escort tab on our website. Then, you must decide which type of massage do you want to benefit of.

Each one of these gorgeous women is completely ready to help you venture into a relaxing journey. We’ve chosen the most professional and experienced beauties in London who will surely amaze you! Start this unique journey right away and let our girls satisfy you!

Give us a call and make an appointment for tonight! Don’t let time come between you and the most intense pleasures in the world!